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Siam Kayak offers scheduled trips each month. If the schedule has not yet been posted to the web site, please contact us. If you have other dates for a kayak trip, let us know and will we do our best to organize a trip around them. If you have additional time and would like to see two or more southern kayak destinations, let us know. This is an ideal way to see the south! Perhaps there is an area we haven't described that you'd like to see with us. We are always up for an exploratory trip. Our tours can be called 'soft adventure' or 'ecotours'.

Here's a preview of our trips:

Attracted to unspoiled tropical islands, resplendent with white sand beaches, abundant marine life and coral, rocky headlands, limestone cliffs, caves and rainforest? Do you love the feel of the open sea? Then go with us to visit the Islands of Trang Province! Paddling from one island to the next is a fulfilling way to change locations. There are few tourists, but it's changing, so visit them this season!

Our departure point for the islands is a small Muslim village and put our kayaks in the water. The children come to watch us, and the adults offer friendly suggestions. Indeed, it was in this village that Roy, returning from a trip to the islands, first heard the results of the 2000 US Presidential election!

Moderate stamina is useful. We take rest breaks as needed. A person who engages in some moderate exercise should have no problems with paddling on our trips. Of the trips, the Islands of Trang trip requires somewhat more endurance than the others. The longest time in the kayak would be about 1 ½ hours, paddling at a relaxed pace. Generally we paddle about 30-40 minutes between beach breaks. If you have any question about your own fitness as it relates to a Siam Kayak trip, just ask.

If there is any medical question about one's fitness or the effect paddling may have on one's health it is best to consult your doctor before the trip.

Phang-Nga Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Thailand. But because of congestion at the popular islands, the Bay can't be appreciated in one day. Siam Kayak offers a three-day trip (and an overnight trip, if you're pressed for time) that goes beyond the congestion and the tour groups. Travel with Siam Kayak to appreciate one of the great natural wonders of Asia. The kayaking is not difficult, and the view from our bungalows in world-class!

There is really only one place in southern Thailand that offers almost effortless opportunities to see an abundance of birds and wildlife in a healthy rainforest ecosystem. This is Khao Sok National Park, 2 ½ hours by road from Phuket. The accommodations are simple; our time is spent observing nature in this jungle environment.

Siam Kayak uses traditional touring kayaks, a type transportation that goes back many centuries. It is the most efficient way to use your own natural strength to move silently over water. And when that water is between wildly fascinating karst islands with jungle right down to the beach or the cliffs or boulder-strew headland, or just a meter above vibrant coral and schools of fish, or a meter away from primary jungle and troops of monkeys and gibbons on the move—then you are absolutely maximizing the days that you have set aside for southern Thailand.

Siam Kayak does not use inflatable boats or sit-on-top boats. Inflatables are appropriate for some activities such as going through a cave, but they are difficult to control (due to effects of wind or current) in open water. They are not efficient; given that you use energy each time you dip the paddle into the water, you won't go as far or as fast or as straight as you would in a traditional sea kayak.

Sit-on-top boats are fine for calm water, short duration paddles and are found on most hotel beaches for rent. But they aren't as comfortable or efficient as sea kayaks. Plus, sit-on-tops have the significant disadvantage of exposing legs and lower body to the sun's burning rays.

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