Experienced sea kayakers are, of course, welcome to come on Siam Kayak trips and enjoy the scenery in a relaxed style of paddling. For those of you who are feeling more independent and like the idea of sea kayaking among tropical islands and warm water at your own pace, we can help you fulfill your holiday plans.

Rent kayaks and equipment from Siam Kayak and we can assist you in planning an ideal itinerary, help with bungalow and transport arrangements, and furnish nautical charts and tide tables.

Our kayak rental, with the exception of our special 'High Season Sea Kayak Rental Program', is only available to people with substantial sea kayaking experience. This is a very important requirement.

While it is not difficult to learn basic paddling skills in a day, it takes many hours of experience on the water to handle the wide variety of situations that can arise in the course of a normal paddling day. This covers the whole spectrum from spotting rapidly developing line squalls to tracking unpredictable boat traffic. Renters are responsible for keeping the kayaks in good condition and for safely securing the kayaks when not in use.

An experienced kayaker is comfortable with self-rescue techniques as well as assisting a paddling companion who may have a problem. A paddler is familiar with weather patterns and how they can affect your day's activities. Nautical charts and tide tables should be familiar tools in planning a crossing or a coastal paddle. An experienced sea kayaker can come to a new area and with a detailed briefing and charts, safely begin a new adventure.

Remember, if you're traveling off the beaten path, you may not find many people who speak or understand English. Using hand gestures and pointing to Thai terms in a phrase book may help out, but the basic requirement is a confident, self-sufficient attitude. Siam Kayak will provide equipment and information; you are prepared for the tropical kayaking experience of a lifetime!

Typical kayak types

Siam Kayak realizes there are people coming to Thailand who have some paddling experience, who would like to rent sea kayaks and go it alone, exploring out of the way beaches, finding islands off the beaten path. But many such people lack the high level of experience required by Siam Kayak to rent kayaks for self-guided trips.

Some of these people are regulars on the whitewater streams and rivers of their home countries. Some have spent time canoeing lakes and quiet rivers. Many people have paddled a few times but haven't had the opportunity to focus on learning a new sport.

Many people in this category will be content to paddle beach toys such as sit-on-top kayaks. Also available as beach rentals are 'recreational' kayaks, originally purpose-built for fishing on quiet water.

Self-bailing sit-on-tops are adequate for short distance paddling where efficiency (maximum distance and speed for the effort expended in paddling) is not important. This type boat is found at most beach hotels. Most of these boats leak, and some leak more slowly than others. 'Leaking' means the boat increases in weight as you paddle. If you are using such a boat for a committed purpose, such as paddling across open water to an island, it can be a real inconvenience.

'Recreational' kayaks are made of fiberglass or plastic, and a paddler sits inside, surrounded by a partial deck, but with no means of sealing the space to prevent entry of water. These too are available for rent on many beaches. Here's the danger; with any 'recreational' kayak, water from waves or rain that enters the boat, stays in the boat. There's no way to remove the water. As water accumulates in the boat, it becomes lower in the water, unstable, and more difficult to paddle. This type boat is inherently dangerous for use in the ocean. People with no training or background rent these boats at their own very real risk.

Traditional decked kayaks as used by Siam Kayak are different from beach rental boats. Using a decked kayak, the paddler, when necessary, wears a sprayskirt that provides a seal between the paddler and the cockpit rim so that water cannot enter the boat. As with a whitewater kayak, the paddler essentially 'wears' the boat and it is an extension of the paddler. This provides an intimate, and safe, experience of being on the water under one's own power.

Another big advantage of decked sea kayaks for the independent traveler; there is plenty of water-tight storage in every boat. Carry your clothes, food, and camping gear in safety, dry, out of the sun. In a traditional decked sea kayak, you paddle safely and efficiently. You are self-sufficient!

The Siam Kayak 'High Season Rental Program':

If this describes you, and if you'd like to do some independent paddling while in beautiful southern Thailand, Siam Kayak has developed a kayak instruction program to fit your dream. It is available from November through March, and is called the 'High-Season Rental Program.'

Siam Kayak has identified two adjacent areas that are appropriate for its high season rental program. The first is the facinating Krabi area, including the beaches of Ao Nang and upbeat, Rai-leh Beach. Nearby is Poda Island. This area, while remarkably beautiful and full of attractions, has been built up in recent years. For independent travelers who enjoy the nightlife but appreciate solitude and quiet during the days, having your own kayak is the perfect solution! Stay in bungalows, or be self-sufficient and camp on remote beaches!

The second area available to participants in the high-season rental program is Phang-Nga Bay. The three-day Siam Kayak trip is the ideal way to explore this remarkable wonderland. But if you are on a tighter budget, or just want a more personal, independent adventure, this is the ideal solution! Stay in comfortable bungalows or go for it, on your own, exploring by day and camping at night. This is your perfect Asian adventure holiday!

The High Season Rental Program includes
  • Intensive one-day training program in the sport of sea kayaking
  • Orientation to the areas where you will be paddling
One-day training program

This is basically similar to entry-level training for any new sport and consists of basic paddling skills with emphasis on safety and rescue procedures. By its nature the program is not available for one person alone; the program requires at least two people in reasonably good physical condition who plan to travel together. This is a basic safety requirement, no exceptions.

Training will include a two-hour practice paddle. Beach launching and landing will be practiced. You will be trained in 'assisted re-entry' (what to do if one of you falls over, or must answer the call of nature when landing is not possible). Your instructors will prepare you for paddling in windy or choppy conditions. You will learn to deal with boat traffic. Under international maritime law, self-powered craft have right-of-way. In reality, you are on your own and must avoid any boat bigger than a kayak. Without this training, paddling on your own would be foolish and possibly dangerous.


The Siam Kayak training program also provides an orientation to the areas where you will be paddling. By use of nautical charts and tide tables, participants get an overview of the area. Different route and itinerary possibilities, best beaches for camping, available means of transportation for people with kayaks, potential hazards, weather considerations; all this is covered so you are prepared for your adventure.

By the end of the training program you will be familiar with use and care of your kayak and equipment. Important: renters are financially responsible for any damage or loss to kayaks and equipment, and security deposits (fully refundable when undamaged boats and gear are returned) are required. Siam Kayak does not provide worn out or broken down equipment. You will be provided boats, paddles and gear comparable to that found at quality outfitters in your home countries. Allowance is made for normal wear and tear but proper care and good sense are expected of every person participating in this program. Rental fees provide adequate income to Siam Kayak; security deposits protect the company in the event of damage to or loss of kayaks or equipment.

There is one important limitation to this program. If, at the time of your scheduled rental, there is unseasonable weather that would in the sole judgment of Siam Kayak make paddling unsafe for novice paddlers due to unusually rough seas, Siam Kayak reserves the right to postpone the rental period or change the paddling destination to a more protected area. If it is necessary to postpone kayak rental, full refund of any unused rental deposit will be made. Note: Rainy weather is not in itself unsafe, and does not entitle a renter to any rescheduling or refund. Rain can happen any time of year. If, during a rental period, in the judgment of Siam Kayak, ocean conditions become unsafe for inexperienced paddlers, a refund of the unused portion of the rental fee will be made upon return of kayaks and equipment. Weather in the high season is generally good. Paddling conditions in the high season are generally appropriate for novice paddlers. This limitation is added solely for your protection in the event of unsafe paddling conditions brought about by unseasonable weather. This limitation applies to participants in the 'High Season Rental Program.' This limitation does not apply to rentals by experienced sea kayakers.

The staff of Siam Kayak would love for you to join a guided tour. But if you qualify for one of our rental programs, and if you are the sort of person who prefers independence, consider a self-guided kayak trip in southern Thailand. This can be a good time beyond your imagination!

Kayak Sales

Siam Kayak is proud to offer for sale sea kayaks made by Challenge Plastics. Made in New Zealand of durable, strong plastic, they have easily adjustable rudders and comfortable seats and back rests. Spray skirts and paddles may be purchased separately from us or other local dealers.

We have two models currently available, the Sequel and the Breeze. The Breeze is shorter and wider than the Sequel. It is very stable and suitable for a smaller person. Because the rudder controls can be adjusted to any length, it is also quite suitable for children.

The Sequel is suitable for a small to medium size person but is not suitable for a heavy person. As it is a narrow boat, experienced paddlers will be pleased with its performance

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