Day Trips

Siam Kayak offers the visitors to Phuket a very special opportunity to kayak with us even if you don't have time for an overnight trip. There are two ways to do this, and either can be a highlight of your time in Phuket.

The first is a half-day paddle. Ideally this is for people with some kayak (canoe) experience. Also, for a person of moderate stamina who is willing to learn a new sport, two or three hours on the water will give a much deeper appreciation of Phuket's special beauty. There are several small bays, difficult to reach by road, which have good snorkeling and few tourists. Paddling under your own power, looking across the water at rocky headlands and lovely beaches, looking at White-Bellied sea eagles and 'flying' fish, reaching into the rear hatch to get the snorkeling gear; you'll never take a tour bus again! All that's required is a desire to do something special to celebrate your days in Phuket. For half a day, separate yourself from the mass of passive folks baking on the beach. Appreciate how beautiful Phuket and neighboring islands really are when you see them by water, away from noisy motorboats and tour groups.

Siam Kayak offers the multi-day tours because it takes some time to feel intimately connected with the environment. We realize not everyone has the time for this. With our day trips, you can have a unique adventure in Phuket and be back to the hotel for dinner!

This is an ideal way to spend a few hours! Most of the time we paddle; we take breaks for swimming, snorkeling or a snack at our pleasure! This trip is appropriate for anyone. Itinerary will be tailored to sea and tide conditions and paddling experience of the group. Guests joining Siam Kayak's day paddles use the same traditional decked sea kayaks and benefit from the same safety-oriented personal instruction in paddling technique as the longer off-island trips.

The second local paddle is our personal favorite. It is the 'sundowner' paddle. You are shown the basic techniques of paddling your own sea canoe. After a few minutes of paddling the little group reaches a nearby island. Sitting in silence on the rocks, enjoying beverages and watching the sky change as the sun nears the horizon; this serenity is so close to Phuket! This is a rare taste of timeless tropical paradise.

As the sun disappears, it is time to pack up and paddle back to Phuket. It's dinnertime back at the hotel, and time to paddle in the deep dusk across the quiet channel back to Phuket.

This will be a memorable highlight, a unique hands-on experience that brings real joy. Sure, you could take a motorboat and save time. But paddling yourself brings the satisfaction of having accomplished a new and worthwhile activity.

If you will be in Phuket for more than a few hours, if you are in at least moderately good physical shape, then come with us. We live here. This is what we do for our private joy. This is what we offer to you. We hope that you will join us for a unique experience while in Phuket!

Sundowners and day paddles are by appointment only. Please email or call us before you arrive in Phuket. The Sundowner paddle includes pickup and return to your hotel, beverages and ice, boats and equipment, instruction in paddling technique and safety procedures, and coverage under our insurance policy. The fee is $85 per couple.

The half-day paddle cost is $60 each for two people. Three or more guests registering together may qualify for a price reduction.

A premium day trip into the quiet regions of Phang-Nga Bay is available for a small group; ask for details. Price is dependent on number of guests, with four guests being the minimum size for this trip.

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