Roy Bachmeyer

After receiving a law degree and qualifying to practice law in Kentucky, Roy entered the Army. It was while serving as a legal officer on Okinawa that he first visited Thailand. He experienced the excitement of Bangkok and the quiet charm of Chiang Mai, and a special appreciation for the people, temples and cultural traditions of the Kingdom.

After his military service, Roy returned to Thailand for two years in the '70s' as a representative of an international non-profit educational organization. He established the organization's presence in Thailand, opening offices in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. He worked primarily with university students and graduates, as well as with leading people in business and government. He also taught English part-time for the Thai Air Force at Don Muang international airport. It was during this period that he first visited southern Thailand, including a fortuitous week in Phuket.

The image shows Roy underwater at Ko Tao
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