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Islands of Trang Province

Roy first visited Trang Province and its lovely, unspoiled islands in 1993 and returned in 1996 with his kayak. He was impressed at the natural beauty and the very small number of tourists. It was a unique place for an overseas sea kayaking adventure tour.

Tourism has spread east and south from Phuket, enveloping Phi Phi Island and the Krabi area. Ko Lanta is now a popular backpacker destination. Tour boats from Ko Lanta and mainland Trang take day trippers to visit Emerald Cave, the number one tourist attraction in Trang Province.

Each island offers different charms that catch and hold our attention. It is the means of transportation that make it all so special. A motorboat can take a person from one island to the next, but noise and speed separate us from intimate experience. Our kayaks, silent and self-powered, are the ideal platforms from which to explore the high limestone cliffs, headlands, reefs and white sand beaches of the islands. And yes, we also visit Emerald Cave. By late afternoon, the tour boats depart and we have the cave and its remarkable 'hong' all to ourselves.

The seas are generally calm during the 'high season' from early November through April; this is the season for beginning and novice paddlers. After April, seasonal storms from the southwest may bring more wind and waves, and the trip is only for experienced paddlers.

The islands are not far apart. Paddlers can experience the thrill of crossing from one island to the next. Our luggage is carried by motorboat. Riding in the motorboat is an option for anyone feeling tired or hesitant about the crossing. However, even beginning paddlers elect to 'go for it'!

A popular feature of the “Islands of Trang” trip is the fine snorkeling available to us. There are several places with live coral and a wonderful variety of marine life. Roy saw his first shark, a Black-tipped reef shark, while snorkeling near one island.

The first day of the trip is spent paddling in a mangrove forest. This gives us a chance to see the rich diversity of life that lives or feeds in the mangroves. Because the water is always calm, it is ideal for training first-time paddlers.

The southern provinces are being developed for tourism. See the unspoiled Trang island paradise now!