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"The husband-wife team of Roy and Anya add a special flavor to the 'soft adventure,' off the beaten path tours offered by Siam Kayak"

While living in Lexington, Kentucky in the mid-'80s, Roy took up whitewater kayaking. He learned and played the exciting streams and rivers of the southeast US, often on trips with members of the Bluegrass Wildwater Association (BWA). The New and the Gauley in West Virginia were two of his favorites. The peak of his kayaking career was a trip with other BWA members to Nepal. They made a second descent of the Tambakosi River and also kayaked the Sunkosi River.

As an active member of the BWA, Roy taught paddling skills to new club members. Roy's constant attention to boating safety was formed during his years of whitewater paddling. This attention to technique and safety is a common thread running through Siam Kayak trips.

In the late '80s Roy moved to Iowa. He practiced law, and managed to make a few kayaking trips back to the south. In 1993 he decided to take his mother, who was living with Alzheimers,' to Thailand for a vacation. He made a preliminary trip to Thailand and a Thai friend helped him with arrangements on the resort island of Phuket. It was during this scouting trip that Roy discovered sea kayaking. “Anyone who loves the excitement of whitewater will appreciate the beauty and relaxation of sea kayaking,” said Roy after paddling around the small islands near Phuket. The seed of future activities was planted!

Roy kayaked around Phuket and among islands to the east and south of Phuket for several years. He noticed wild orchids growing on trees and rocks next to the ocean and was fascinated by them. Some of the islands were rich in many kinds of orchids. Some orchid species even grew on mangrove trees and can be seen while kayaking in and among the roots and limbs of mangrove forests. (link: more background on Roy)

Roy and kayaking friend Dave Williams decided they could share their favorite kayak destinations with other people, as a business. They started PaddleAsia, taking small groups on multi-day tours to several southern Thai destinations. Roy enjoyed leading trips, and the company grew. Then the company added new tour leaders and new staff, and another partner came in.

Roy's wife Anya had been trained and licensed as a Tour Guide by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. She and Roy had led tours together for more than a year. The feedback from guests was that the husband-wife team added a unique 'flavor' to the delightful mix of beautiful surroundings, few other tourists, comfortable kayaks, and their keen knowledge of local flora, fauna, and culture. (link: background of how Roy and Anya met and worked together)

With this in mind, Siam Kayak was established as the framework for Roy and Anya to continue offering these special tours.

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